SOM.NIT // The programme

The programme

What is SOM.NIT?
An outreach programme that emphasises risk prevention and reduction with regard to drug consumption by young people
What do we do?
Interventions primarily take place in nightlife hotspots including clubs and discotecs where we set up stalls that provide information on risk prevention and reduction.
Type 1 basic intervention
Our basic intervention provides additional services including chill-out areas, substance analysis and alcohol breathalysing. We also offer other activities including quizes, theatrical performances and workshops
Why we do what we do?
Because we accept that drug consumption is a universal reality, and that it is a complex issue which must be placed in context. By universal we mean that drug taking has been practised all over the world throughout history, by all cultures and social classes. In addition, drug consumption must be placed in a context depending on the individual concerned, as people respond to drugs in varied ways. Drug consumption is a complex issue because its effects depend on three factors: the individual taking the drug, the drug itself and the environment in which the drug is consumed
How do we operate?
  • We respect the rights of young people to make their own decisions
  • We are neither judgemental, paternalistic nor moralistic
  • We offer information which is objective and clear, that takes present day realities into account.
  • We provide information in establishments where drug consumption takes place
  • We have moved beyond the abstentionist "Just Say No" model and the marginalisation of drug consumption, stances that seem to provide poor results
  • We provide a response that is realistic, useful and effective
  • We take into account the needs of drug users and non-drug users, accepting that the latter also worry about their health
Who are our volunteers?
Our volunteers are motivated young people, trained in the field of drug use and drug addiction, operating throughout the Catalonia region forming a network of young health workers, whose knowledge is passed on to young people who inturn pass on public health messages to their friends (peer-to-peer).
What are our aims?
  • To understand the various factors (physical, psychological and social) associated with drug use
  • To provide young people with information because they have the capacity to distinguish between responsible and risky drug consumption
  • To provide information on the different effects drugs can have on the human body
  • To provide tools because young people are capable of preventing or reducing the risks associated with drug use
  • To provide information regarding the adulteration of illegal drugs
  • To provide information regarding the risks of consuming multiple substances at the same time (poly-drug use)
  • To provide information regarding other health risks associated with drug use, including safe sex, sexually transmitted diseases, physical violence and road accidents
  • To stress that information results in responsible and intelligent decision making regarding personal health
  • To encourage critical thinking with regard to the messages and influencies young people are subject to
  • To promote the uptake of other health information